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Getting new eyes on your content is not the main challenge, keeping them is.

The team at S:B:M all have a radio background, ranging from presenters, journalists to producers. And we all worked to the same mantra.

Make as many people listen for as long as possible.

The key word is “long

Radio listening figures are measured in a variety of ways but the two most important figures are how many people are listening? And for how long?

If you have many people listening but not listening for long, you have a content problem. If not many people are listening but they're listening for a long time, then you have a marketing problem. The latter is the better problem to have.

If a radio station can show that people are listening for a long time it can increase the costs for on-air adverts with the understanding that people are listening long enough to hear an advert numerous times, increasing the chances of people actually engaging with it.

Making people stay engaged with your content, services, products, is absolutely vital. Achieving this takes knowledge, experience, patience, trial and error, a constant analytical approach, and a lot of hard work.

Getting plenty of new eyes on content is great, but if they do not stay long enough to remain interested, and engaged, and in all likelihood, not tempted enough to come back for more, what is the point?

We understand that brand awareness is key. But the question shouldn’t not be how do you get eyes on, but how do you keep eyes on?

Big numbers can be great. They can also be a hollow victory.

Aim for more. Don’t just grab people’s attention, keep it. That is the main challenge.

A live betting service is not only a marketing tool that can grab people’s attention and gain new eyes, but it also keeps them watching. We know this from experience.

The analytics of Clubhouse TV with demonstrate that the total viewing time of a broadcast, which can vary from 3 hours to 7 hours, is anywhere from 7 to 10 times more than the broadcast itself. In layman's terms, a show that lasts 4 hours can produce a total viewing time of 28-40+ hours.

This watch time allows viewers to consume plenty of information regarding promotions, competitions, special offers, whatever it is you wish to promote, all while they are engaging with your betting markets while sport is being played.

A live betting service does more than get eyes on. It keeps eyes on. And that is vital in a highly populated industry with plenty of competition to take those eyes away.

Have a look at our Live Betting Service, and keep your customers engaged, entertained, and on your sportsbook, here

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