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S:B:M attended the SBC Summit in Barcelona.

Sports Broadcast Media attended the SBC Summit in Barcelona and there was plenty of interest in the unique, innovative and market-leading audio and visual betting content that S:B:M create, produce and provide.

We showcased our new live betting TV service which was very well received and complimented on it's uniqueness and ability to engage, inform and entertain when sport is being played live.

S:B:M Programme Director Gavin Puszczalowskyi "The SBC Summit in Barcelona offered us a great opportunity to showcase the audio and visual services that Sports Broadcast Media provide.

Engagement is the key word in the betting industry at the moment with many bookmakers focusing on retention rather than acquisition. It was great to demonstrate a product that is not only unique in it's creation and delivery but in the way it engages customers when sport is being played live. There is no other product like this anywhere in the betting industry.

It was great to talk to so many people regarding our services and to see it so well received. We very much look forward to continuing these conversations in the next few weeks"

The live betting radio service, both radio and visual is designed and proven to engage, inform and entertain customers as sport is being played live. The service increases engagement with the sportsbook and retains customers during the period of the games.

At present, S:B:M provide Clubhouse TV for It has been shown that on match days, when the service is live, engagement increases by 900-2000%.

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