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Creating Content: Top 4 tips.

There are many tips and advice regarding content creation and how to amplify it, and how to maximise its impact.

Here are out top 4.

1.      Know your audience.

For your content to have the most views, generate engagement and have the biggest impact, you must know who your target audience is and how you are going to reach them.

It has been known for radio stations to have a picture of their average listener in the studio to remind the presenter who they are talking to. Management at radio stations spend many hours identifying who their audience is to stand the best chance of reaching and engaging them and standing out from the competition.

The big mistake many people make with content is to create it and publish it with no idea who they are making the content for.

2.      Don’t hide it.

For your content to reach, engage and impact with your audience, you need to put it in front of as many eyes as possible. Do not hide it away in a corner of your website and expect people to find it. The more hurdles between the content and the audience, the less impact it will have.

Creating content is like gardening. Plant the seed, nurture it, give it lots of attention, feed it, and help it blossom.

3.      Be Consistent.

Once you start creating content you must keep creating content. Consistency helps build trust and loyalty among your audience.

It is vitally important to be consistent with amplifying your content. You must promote every new bit of content you create to maximise the reach and impact. The more you promote your content the more chances of people discovering it.

4.      Be realistic.

If you are creating content for the first time, you are also creating an audience for the first time. And this can lead to low levels of reach and engagement when you start. Even the most successful influencers had low levels of reach and engagement when they started due to a lack of audience.

Have patience, and belief. And a strategy from the very beginning to grow your audience and your content with it.


Creating and amplifying content is an ingoing process, and it will take time to see results. Knowing your audience, experimenting with different strategies, constant analysis of both content and viewing figures and adapting your approach accordingly will help you grow.


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