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Clubhouse TV viewing figures increase for the World Cup

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Sports Broadcast Media presented and produced Clubhouse TV with covering every game of the World Cup live as they happened, highlighting the best bets in-play.

⬆ Viewing figures increased by 189% ⬆ Individual users messaging on a daily basis up by 60% ⬆ Total messages from viewers up by 108%

This increase is due to the hard work and professionalism of the live broadcast and preview vodcast presenting teams, and the team in Qatar that created content for Clubhouse TV from the tournament, that covered every minute of the World Cup and delivered a service that engaged, informed, entertained and retained customers as the football was being played live.

A live betting streaming service, audio or visual, combats the sharp drop-off in customers, when sport is live, by keeping customers engaged, entertained and retained.

For more information regarding our live betting streaming services, or any of our products, email

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