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UK based Japanese Presenters

Japanese Presenters Wanted!

Sports Broadcast is a fast growing media production company based in Yorkshire and we are currently building a team of Japanese speaking presenters that are based in the UK.


We produce compelling video content for our clients in the iGaming industry (betting & online casino) and we are looking for Japanese speaking presenters as the Japanese market expands. This is a great opportunity to use your Japanese skills in front of the camera whilst receiving TV presenter training.


Application conditions [Required]
- Japanese speaking
- Someone who can express themselves cheerfully and energetically in front of the camera
- People who are comfortable creating content for the betting industry
- Hold a work visa or student visa to work in the UK
- Be 18 years of age or older
- Ability to work independently and, when necessary, to work remotely with video editors and producers
- Ability to work closely with the creative team to come up with new concepts

Application requirements (preferable, not required)
- Interest and knowledge about sports such as football (soccer), horse racing, and baseball
- Business level English speakers
- Experience as a video presenter
- Ability to travel to our main studio in Leeds
- People with an understanding of sports betting. Producing content for clients in the betting industry does not necessarily mean producing gambling content. Many of our clients are interested in producing content unrelated to sports betting, such as interviews with former athletes or presenters trying their hand at sports, so we cover a wide range of content.

Previous presenting experience is preferred, but we are interested in people who would just like to have a go and be willing to learn.

Due to regulations by the UK Gambling Commission, anyone under the age of 25 (or who appears to be under the age of 25) may not be able to appear.

This is a freelance position. Work level and salary will vary depending on the contract, but we can usually offer above industry average salaries.
Sports Broadcast Media is an equal opportunity employer.

If you're interested, please email


ヨークシャーを拠点とする急成長中のメディアプロダクション、Sports Broadcast

- 日本語が話せる方
- カメラの前で明るくエネルギッシュに自己表現できる方
- ベッティング業界のコンテンツ制作に興味をお持ちの方
- 英国で就労可能なビザ、または留学生ビザをお持ちの方
- 18歳以上であること
- 主体的に業務に取り組むことができ、また必要な際はリモート環境でビデオ編集
- クリエイティブチームと密接に連携し、新しいコンセプトを立案できる方

- サッカー/競馬/野球などのスポーツについての興味と知識
- ビジネスレベルの英語を話せる方
- ビデオプレゼンターの経験がある方
- リーズにある弊社のメインスタジオに出張可能な方
- ブランドの顔として、海外での展示会に同行できる方
- スポーツベッティングに理解のある方

英国賭博委員会(UK Gambling Commission)の規制により、25歳未満(または25歳未
Sports Broadcast Mediaは平等な雇用機会を提供しています。

ご興味のある方は、 までメールでご連絡ください!

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