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Euro 2024

A 24/7 stream, delivering premium tailored content, designed to engage and retain your audiences.
Interactive live betting shows from a branded professional studio covering every angle of the featured sport.

A fully equipped, high-end studio, guaranteeing excellent quality output.

Bespoke premium broadcast production package with sophisticated broadcast design including motions graphics.

The latest betting previews of the upcoming action, suitable for omnichannel coverage.

An always-on live stream with your branded production, betting previews and any additional featured content.

Every minute of the feature content covered live with a minimum of 2 professional broadcasters and/or commentators per show, each with in-depth knowledge of betting and the feature sport.

The option to have viewer questions relayed live to the on-air team to promote in-play customer interaction.

Graphics overlay including real-time game & betting data (visual broadcast only).

Dedicated studio and camera producer (visual broadcast only).

Guidline Pricing

For ongoing contracts of 9 months or more:

Our 24/7 services are bespoke to each client so please let us know of your particular needs.

Sport Broadcast Meda Backdrop.jpg



Exclusive, fully tailored, live and pre-recorded content.



Radio & podcasts: £35,000 Visual & vodcasts: £55,000



Customised live and pre-recorded content, exclusive to your target geo.


Radio & podcasts: £15,000

Visual & vodcasts: £25,000



Exclusive, fully tailored, pre-recorded preview content.


Podcasts: £10,000

Vodcasts: £14,000

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