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Live sport, and the important questions for sportsbooks

Updated: Jan 23

A question for sportsbooks. How do you engage your customers when sport is live?

Manchester City v Liverpool is about to kick-off. A table topping 6 pointer. Your customers have placed their bets and are anticipating a game full of goals and drama. What is it you are offering your customers to keep them engaged, and more importantly, on your sportsbook as the drama on the pitch unfolds?

For many the answer is, nothing.

How can you possibly compete with live football, or any live sport? The answer to this question is the answer all sportsbooks should be looking to answer.

All sportsbooks suffer a drop off in customers when sport is live and most don’t have the solution to stop this from happening, so it's a given fact that you cannot compete with live sport, customer drop off will always happen, and that is simply that.

But what if there was an answer and a solution?!

The most dynamic time for a sportsbook is when sport is live because sport is unpredictable, and therefore naturally engaging and exciting. Goals change games, they also change odds and prices, sometimes dramatically, so why would you not engage with your customers during this dynamic time?

Your customers are never going to be more receptive to the latest prices and change in odds than when sport is live. They are hooked, emotionally and mentally. Now is the perfect time to engage with them.

The question is how?

Data. The latest data. The here and now data. The best bet, right now, and why. But you need to be able to present the data and a way that your customer will engage with it and more importantly, absorb it and act upon it.

A live betting service keeps your customers engaged, informed, and entertained at the precise time they are most receptive to data. The most relevant data at the most relevant time. The here and now.

If you can offer your customer a reason to stay with your sportsbook when sport is live, and they know that have the most relevant data presented to them at the relevant time, guiding them to making their next bet, they will stay.

Stat. Viewers of live betting content stay on a sportsbooks for 70% longer than a non-viewer (data from Feb 2023)

Don’t be scared to compete with live sport, embrace it to deliver your customers a unique and engaging experience. A second screen experience.

The goal of a second screen experience is to create a more immersive and interactive user experience, allowing individuals to engage with content on multiple levels simultaneously. This trend has been facilitated by the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, making it easier for people to access additional content while enjoying primary media on a larger screen. 

There have been several questions posed in this article but the most important question is not why should you engage your customers when sport is live, but why should you not?

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