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Don't just create content, create a community

"It's relatively easy to open a restaurant, the hard work is keeping it open" is an adage in the catering industry, and the same principle applies to creating content.

It's relatively easy to create content, the hard work is making people engage, interact, like and ultimately keep coming back for more. And this is where building a community can make a vital difference.

The benefits of creating a customer community:

  • Social Experience: Watching sports with others can be a social and communal experience. It provides an opportunity to bond with fellow fans over a shared interest.

  • Shared Excitement: Celebrating victories or commiserating over defeats with others can enhance the emotional experience. The shared excitement and energy of a group can make the event more memorable.

  • Discussion and Analysis: Watching with others can lead to lively discussions and analysis of the game, players, and strategies. It can deepen your understanding and appreciation for the sport.

  • Brand loyalty: Creating a place for your customers to gather and enjoy sport, and share their betting experiences, will create brand loyalty. Customers who are brand loyal are more likely to consistently choose and repurchase products or services from a specific brand, even when faced with other options or competitive offerings.

The main aim for content is to convert non-customers into customers. A community converts customers into loyal customers. Creating a customer community allows you feed content to a pool of people who are waiting for, and will engage, interact, like, and keep coming back for more.

With social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, and more besides, creating an online community is quite simple. The strategy to convert non-customers to customers, and make them part of your community, and convert them to loyal customers, is the hard part, and that is where content, and a strategy, can make a key difference.

If you want your content to have an impact with people, then don't just create content, create a customer community too.

If you wish to create a customer community, and content, audio or visual for your customer community, come and talk to us at Sports Broadcast Media. Please email us;

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