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5 reasons a Live Betting Service works

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

It all starts with a question. What do sportsbook do once their customers and placed their bets and the sport kicks off?

The answer is not a great deal, resulting in customer drop-off when the sport begins.

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S:B:M produce and present a live betting service, audio or in-vision, that keeps customers engaged, informed, entertained and retained when sport is live.

People who watch a live betting service stay on a sportsbook for 70% longer and the number of bets placed is 82% higher than non-viewers. A live betting service works.

Here are 5 reasons why.


In any live sport, from the EPL to the NHL, Formula 1 to golf, tennis to cricket, there is copious amounts of data floating around that can guide people to a particular bet at a particular time, but the thing with data is that is can be quite dull, it is after-all just words and numbers, and it can be quite difficult to find if required at short notice.

The magic of a live betting service is that this data is presented to people and presented in an interesting way. They do not need to go find it, nor do they have to read it, they simply can just listen and act upon the latest data that is in tune with the sport as it happens.

People are kept informed at all times regarding the latest in-game data and the latest in-game betting prices. Here is the bet and here is the reason why.


Sport provides an opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests. Whether playing on a team or watching with friends, the social aspect can enhance the enjoyment.

The ability to bet online is mainly an individual experience. It is you and the device you use to place the bet. A live betting service allows you, from the comfort of your own home, to feel part of a community and share your betting and sport experiences with fellow fans, enhancing your experience.

A live betting service is fully interactive, allowing listeners or viewers to communicate with the presenting team. This helps build a community which in turn will create brand loyalty to your sportsbook.

Customers feel part of a community.

3 - FUN.

Sports are unpredictable and anything can happen during a game. The element of uncertainty and the possibility of witnessing unexpected outcomes can be captivating and add to the fun. With sport being unpredictable, this makes a live betting service naturally unpredictable. This keeps people tuned in for fear of missing out.

A live betting service is the most relatable and engaging content that a person who likes to bet on sport can consume when sport is live.


A live betting service is the best platform to promote responsible gambling at the precise time bets are being placed. We constantly promotes responsible gambling reminding customers that betting is a form of entertainment and not a means to make money and winning is not guaranteed.


While technological advancements have introduced various forms of digital communication, such as texting, email, and video conferencing, human-to-human communication remains a cornerstone of social interaction and continues to play a vital role in fostering relationships.

A live betting service, streaming on your sportsbook covering live sport as it is played, humanises betting websites and creates relationships with your customers.

If you are interested in a live betting service to retain your customers, contact us here or email

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